I wanted to start the project by exploring different logo and wordmark ideas so that I could truly get a feel for who this organisation is.
Having received peer feedback on what I had produced, I picked out one of my ideas and further developed its design and incorporated it into a brand sheet. I feel the final logo and wordmark are elegant, yet friendly with the small whimsical flower detail.
The colours I chose are gentle and natural - yet engaging and modern. Most importantly, they are all WCAG compliant.
Moving on to think a bit about the appearance of Houseplant How's website, I produced these mid-fidelity wireframes to get a sense of what might be included.
Above are the different iterations I developed for the Houseplant How website before landing on my final design (photos sourced from pexel.com).
Above is the final website design created using Figma, illustrator and Photoshop. I also made a mock-up to show how the design would look on laptop.
I also created the above mock-up of Houseplant How's speculative magazine. I then was able to include this image within the design of the site.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this project. I feel I captured the personality of the brand well by choosing: elegant serif type for the wordmark and logo; soft and natural colours that made for an overall friendly appearance; and illustrations that bring attention to the information.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the project!
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